Thursday, November 21, 2013

Project 365 and ramblings

I am keeping up with taking a photo everyday. I have not kept up with downloading, editing and posting. I am happy to report that I have kept up with the 30 Thankful Days inspired by Click it up a Notch and SHUTTER|bag. My photos are on Instagram 

I love the theme of this 30 day challenge. Research shows that grateful people are happy people. Intentionally counting my blessings has been one way that I've kept myself on track and don't waste time or energy being envious of what others have. 

Today I took part in a training at work related to the MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator). I first took it when I was a sophomore in high school for a leadership program. Back then, my type was ESTJ. My results about 20 years later? The same. (Extroverted, Sensing, Thinking, Judging). I think that validates the idea that preferences don't change much over time, though a person's ability to function outside of them may. Learning more about this and how the dynamics between different types play out at work will be helpful professionally. 

It's also going to come in handy at home. Hubby's homework before our next date night is to read my report. I think it will help him understand my strong need to be organized in household routines and planning. He's definitely more of a "let's figure this out as we go" guy and likes to do things spontaneously. Both attributes work sometimes....and when we are remodeling our kitchen or trying to make plans with friends who also have small kids, fly by the seat of your pants may not be the method to stay on budget or get everyone in the same place at the same time.  But then, if we always did things my way, we wouldn't have had se of the great times together that we've had. This helps me appreciate how we complement each other. 

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

{3|365} through {9|365}

I've been taking photos every single day. Here's a recap of days 3 through 9.

{3|365} 11/3/13 Fortune cookie wisdom

{4|365} 11/4/13 Skyway walk 
{5|365} 11/5/13 Workin' & Pumpin'

{6|365} 11/6/13 Buggy ride
{7|365} 11/7/13 Bathtub

{8|365} 11/8/13 Sore throat soother

{9|365} 11/9/13 Waiting for Daddy
{10|365} 11/10/13 Leather
{11|365} 11/11/13 Veteran's Day

I need a watermark for images I'm posting to this blog. Any suggestions on how to design a simple text-based one?

Thursday, November 7, 2013

{2|365} a walk in the woods

I've taken a photo each day and I'm catching up to blogging them. This one was from last weekend. We took the boys for a nice long walk. The weather was beautiful - 50's, sunny, clear, little wind. Hunter's favorite place to be on walks is atop daddy's shoulders. My heart melts just a little bit each time I hear Hunter say "I wanna ride with you Dada!"

Friday, November 1, 2013

Project 365

Today is day 1. It's also the first day of the 30 Thankful Days challenge. I took this photo during Logan's afternoon nap. There was no daycare today, so I took a day off work to stay home and hang out with my boys. They both napped at the same time today - and I was thankful for that. 

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Clearing out cobwebs

Since it's Halloween, it's appropriate to refer to dusting off this blog as clearing out the cobwebs.  It's something I've been thinking about for awhile, but other life priorities have taken precedent. Things like, oh, having son number two. We remodelled our kitchen. We both changed jobs at work.

Somewhere in the middle of all of that, my heart has been calling me to spend more time connected to my camera to document daily life, milestones and to share that gift with others. Over this last year, I have seen my photography grow so much. I've had my beloved Nikon D90 for almost 4 years and only recently have I graduated from shooting in P or A mode to full manual.  (I abandoned Auto almost immediately for P or A, but was so scared for a long time to try to control all three points of the exposure triangle. I still have a lot to learn. 

And that is one reason why tomorrow I am beginning my very first Project 365 .  The idea is to commit to taking one picture each day for 365 consecutive days.  When I told the husband I planned to do it, his response was "I thought you already do take pictures everyday."  He's obviously used to seeing me with my camera or iPhone in hand clicking away.  The difference is that I am intentionally commiting myself to taking at least one photo every day. 

I'm really excited about this. Part of that excitement is that it's being led by Courtney of Click It Up a Notch and three other photographers.  I don't know Courtney in "real" life, but I've followed her blog and FB page for about two years. I have learned more from her articles, tutorials and way of explaining things than I have in the other 20 plus years I've casually taken photos. The community she has helped to create through her blog is very supportive, positive, encouraging and energetic.

There isn't a set structure or daily assignments yet.  It has an organic feel to it. One thing I know about myself is that I tend to do better with structure.  So, the first 30 days is a two-for-one-deal.  Courtney of Click It Up a Notch (@clickitupanotch) and ShutterBagUSA (@shutterbagusa) are collaborating to lead the #30thankfuldays challenge on Instagram. 

My goals for my Project 365 are:
1) Learn more about the technical side of photography.  I want to become more comfortable with manual mode, learn to use my speedlight better and utilize what's currently in my camera bag to the fullest. 
2) Learn more about editing. I've used Lightroom 3 more in the last six months than ever, but I just cannot get the hang of the adjustment brush or graduated filters. And I would like to learn how to create a subtle matte look for some photos. 
3) Encourage others in their photography journey.  Sharing knowledge, supporting others' efforts to be artistic and challenge themselves is one way that I want to make a positive impact in this life.

I am committed to taking photos everyday and I will most many of them here and on Instagram (@jleecee).

Sunday, February 5, 2012

So much easier

Clearly it's been forever since I've written anything here.  Part of the reason is that I was just too darned tired to and when I wasn't tired, I wanted to spend time with my boys.  What has changed since then is that Hunter is sleeping through the night with much more regularity and consistently goes to bed each night between 7-7:30pm.  As any mom (new or seasoned) knows, the power of sleep (any quanity) cannot be underestimated! 

Also, the husband and I have talked more about this blog. He's been very supportive of my desire to have a creative outlet.  And he's been encouraging me more to get my stuff out there.  So, to that end, I will be writing more and I will be adding photos too.  I was a volunteer second shooter at a wedding this past weekend with my dear friend and mentor, Susan.  A family friend of hers planned a wedding and had asked her to take photos.  It was fun for me to be her second because it gave me a chance to take photos and practice the camera skills I've been slowly working on developing.  (And it justified, at least in my mind, several hours worth of pinning photography-related things on Pinterest.)  I haven't downloaded all the pics yet, but here are a couple of the venue. All these are SOC (straight out of the camera).  I still don't have Photoshop or Lightroom. But that's a whole 'nother post!

Outside the Como Conservatory - note the lovebirds perched on the bench.

Architectural detail.

Makes me think of something one would see in Paris or Italy.

Love the sun flare in this one. 

Printers letters snagged a few years ago at an antique store for about $3. 

Inside the Sunken Garden.  The light was so gorgeous and changed from bright to almost gone while I was shooting. 

Monday, October 24, 2011

1. Who do I love and why?

My husband - because he is an amazing man, he loves me for me, he believes in me, he makes me laugh every day, he wrote the most heartfelt wedding vows and most importantly, he gave me our son.  Our love story is so perfect in its imperfection and given the chance to re-write it, I wouldn't change a single thing about it.  I'm so glad that we chose each other.  This life is so much better, more fun, more sweet, less scary and less uncertain because we are walking through it side by side.
My son - because he is so much more wonderful than I ever dreamed. He is so sweet, affectionate and has an easygoing temperament.  He also has a very distinct sense of humor. Just the other night he was watching my husband play ball with one of our dogs and he was laughing so hard he cried.  He's only 10 months old! I didn't know babies could do that. 

My mom - because she has taught me so much about love and how to be a good mother. She has been an example of strength, perserverance and hard work.  She has a heart of gold and it's been so fulfilling to see her now as a grandma.  The  way she looks at my son, with such love in her eyes, will be tattooed on my heart forever. 

My friend Sherry - because she has a big heart, taught me what it really means to be a good friend to someone else and helped me to understand my own worth.  She has celebrated life's biggest highs with me and was there to help me through the lowest lows. 

This list is not exhausive, nor is it anywhere close to complete.  But it's a start - I gotta lotta love in my heart!  More to come some other day.  It's 9:30pm and time for me to kiss my husband good night.