Monday, July 18, 2011

At a crossroads

I find myself moving past denial and into acceptance of the fact that the world is going paperless.  This has been a traumatic transition for me.  I've been journaling since I was nine years old.  I love the smell of bookshelves filled with a mixture of hard and soft covered volumes.  I have a weakness for pretty thank you cards.
Lately I'm journaling less - even though I have more to reflect on than any other point in my life.  I haven't added a new book to my three full bookshelves in I don't know how long.  Just this week I emailed a  thank you instead of reaching for a notecard and putting pen to paper. 

So, in an effort to embrace this change and use it as an outlet for creativity, I'm going to try my hand at posting musings, photos, questions and insight here. 

I'm not sure that anyone out there will really care about what I have to write about, but does that really matter?  I'm doing this for me. I feel compelled to write.  To reflect. To feed the part of my soul that is nourished by words and pictures.

To document this one precious life I've been entrusted with.