Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Toad Hollow, population 4

I'm going to make a miniature version of one of those signs you see when entering a city so I can post it above the window well outside our basement laundry room.  In case you haven't heard, Minnesota has been alternately cooking and drowning the past several days.  This has led to a doubling of the toad population in our yard. (And a train derailment due to the washout of a train trestle over a creek that feeds into the Mississippi River - but that's a post for another day.)

Prior to all the rain, two toads (one big and one little) made their home in the window well.  It's a good environment for them - it's shaded, there are some leaves and bricks in the bottom to provide cover and (when the light in the laudry room is turned on) they have plenty of bugs to eat.  Tonight when hubby went out to cut the lawn he found two more toads (one more big and one medium) in a different window well.  Thinking that they would fare better in the laundry room window well, he relocated them.  Right away they started snacking on the skeeters and other insects.  We'll check on them tomorrow and see how the colonists are faring.