Wednesday, August 3, 2011


The weather today was perfect.  Just perfect.  Sunny, clear skies and a temp in the mid-80s. 

So many people, myself included, have been complaining about the weather as of late.  It's been ridiculously humid the past couple of weeks.  Heck - the whole summer so far has been humid.  But today, blissfully, we got a break from the officially tropical and oppressive humidity. 

Unfortunately, aside from the time spent in my car driving back and forth to work today with my window down and the sunroof cranked all the way open, I really didn't get to enjoy it.  Several times today I found myself stealing glances out the window in my office or a conference room where I was sitting in a most unpleasant meeting.  I suppose I could have taken my Jimmy John's sandwich outside and sat near the fountain for a few minutes instead of heading back through the skyway to my office. I think the only reason I didn't do that was that I knew once I went outside I would have had a really hard time removing myself from the granite bench and heading back indoors for the rest of a gorgeous afternoon.

Then, to continue today's trend of not enjoying the outdoors more, once I was home I didn't really manage to get outside again.  As soon as I got home I hugged my little guy, kissed my big guy and settled into the recliner to feed little guy.  Honestly, it was hands down the very best part of my day.  Literally the minute I changed out of my work clothes and took my little guy into my arms and snuggled him and covered his chubby little angel cheeks with kisses, all the stresses and worries from my day at work melted away into oblivion.  A little later as I was giving Hunter his bedtime feeding, he stopped nursing, looked up at me with his blue eyes, smiled and started giggling.  It was so sweet and unexpected.  I had no idea why he was giggling, so I laughed.  And then he laughed again.  And I looked over at my husband and said, "I am memorizing this moment and tattoing it on my heart. I never want to forget this moment in time."  And now, as I write this, I feel my cheeks pulling into a smile.  I can still feel his weight in my arms and the softness of his baby fine hair brushing my arms. I can still see the milk dribbling out the right corner of his upturned mouth and the little glint in his crinkled eyes as he looked at me grinning away.  I remember feeling my body shake as I giggled, then laughed along with him.  Most of all, I can still feel all that mother/son bonding love run through my veins. 

And, that, is beautiful.